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Can I choose other flowers for my wedding gallery that aren't included in the one-of-a-kind wedding packages?

Yes, you can choose flowers other than those found in the one-of-a-kind wedding section. Frugal Flower offers an extensive selection of fresh flowers from top growers around the world. Mike Devlin, our Floral Proficient and Design Supervisor for more than 25 years, works closely with flower supply experts to lead our team in ensuring high-quality selection for value. Whether you are looking for exotic orchids from Thailand or gentle and sweet blossoms from Holland, Mike will go above and beyond to fulfill your requests.

Can I view your wedding arrangements online?

Our clients know that Frugal Flower makes extraordinary flower arrangements that are beautiful and fresh. If you are unfamiliar with our work, you may view photos on our website as well as pinterest. Remember that we have provided photos of bouquets and centerpieces and various arrangements for ideas and for your viewing pleasure, but our accomplished designers are very talented and capable of accomplishing an endless number of floral designs and styles. If you see something you like in our Wedding section online, please let us know, or should you wish to alter arrangement details, we are more than happy to accommodate any special requests.

Does The Frugal Flower provide other services, like pew bows, rentals, runners, and party favors?

Want to alleviate some of the stress involved in researching vendors, scheduling appointments for meetings, and working with an unnecessary number of service providers for your wedding? Frugal Flower can provide your wedding flowers and offers other services as well. We offer balloons, vases, candles, plants, and pew bows. We can rent a huppah, aisle runner, or other various structures for your ceremony or reception.

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding flowers?

Have you selected a location for your ceremony and/or reception? Do you have an idea for your wedding theme? Have you selected your dress? Do you know how many guests you are expecting to attend your wedding? If the answer to these questions is 'yes', you should start thinking about what type of flowers you would like. It is never too soon to contact us about a booking for your wedding, though generally, communication should begin about 6-12 months before your big day. We suggest that you book your date as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary schedule conflicts. To make an appointment with our Wedding Coordination Specialist and Event Planner Allison Hassard, please call 978.443.0030 or email her at [email protected] 

What is your deposit policy and how do I pay my deposit?

We require a 20% deposit when you reserve the date for your wedding, and ask that the remaining balance be paid in full at least one week prior to your wedding flower delivery date. We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments.

Can you deliver my wedding flowers, and what is the cost of delivery and set up?

We staff a very capable full-time team of pleasant, punctual and professional drivers. We will deliver your wedding flowers to the specified location(s) and ensure that they arrive on time and in the same pristine condition as when they leave our design center. Delivery fees are dependent upon the location to which you desire your wedding flowers to be delivered. Should you wish to know more about delivery and setup costs, please feel free to contact us at 978.443.0030.

What is your coverage area for delivery?

Frugal Flower delivers to more than 30 local towns and cities in Massachusetts daily! However, as we are in high-demand and we understand that your desired ceremony and reception location may be out of our local delivery area, we consider long-distance and boarder-state deliveries on an individual basis. If you are interested in more information about the areas to which we deliver or would like to know if we can delivery flowers on your wedding day, please give us a call at 978.443.0030 and ask to speak with our wedding coordinator.

What venues do you work with? Are you familiar with the wedding location I chose

Frugal Flower is involved in an extensive network of wedding vendors and suppliers, as well as other service providers that are involved in the wedding and event planning business. We have developed a stellar reputation for our professional and genuine care in our industry, as well as our exceptional customer service. Our design team can replicate any look; our designers will amaze you with their elegant and classic style, though innovative and skilled to create something modern and different and new! Still growing in popularity, we work with far too many wedding ceremony and reception venues to list individually. Currently, we are the choice florist for the famous historical Wayside Inn, Butternut Farm Golf Club in Stow and the Sheraton Framingham just to name a few.

Can we meet for a consultation?

Allison Hassard is Frugal Flower's own Wedding and Event Coordinator. She has over 25 years experience with Wedding flower design, direction and management. Her charming demeanor and her willingness to accommodate your needs and surpass your expectations compliment her creativity and attention to detail. Allison works comprehensively with our Design team and Delivery Staff to ensure that your wedding flowers are handled in a seamless and efficient manner, saving you time and money! Brides are welcome to make an appointment to meet with Allison in our beautiful and newly renovated retail location at 736 Boston Post Road in Sudbury, MA 01776. To make an appointment for consultation, please contact Allison Hassard at 978.443.0030.

What should I bring to the consultation?

Today, it is very common for Brides to create and develop their own file of magazine tear-outs, photos, images, and ideas that have caught their eye. We suggest that you bring photos or sketches of your gown and/or bridesmaid gowns, and fabric swatches, as well as pictures of select floral arrangements and bouquets that you like. We will show you our extensive wedding album, help to develop your overall theme, and offer creative suggestions. The more information and ideas you provide, the better we can offer and assist you. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your wedding flowers, and walk you through the wedding flower selection process so that you will be confident in the care and attention to detail for this aspect of your wedding.

How do I establish a budget for my wedding flowers?

Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your big day, as they symbolize life, growth, and rebirth. Flowers will appear in most photographs taken at the wedding and are considered one of the most memorable aspects of the wedding by guests and attendees. You should assume that 8% to 10% of your total budget should be designated to flowers, including bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, and reception centerpieces. Some couples may decide that flowers carry a sentiment (perhaps the proposal took place in a garden) and may wish to contribute a greater portion of their funds to the wedding flowers. YOU plan your wedding day; we are simply here to help make it effortless!

Will you work within my budget?

Yes, of course, we will gladly work within your budget! If you inform us of your budget during the initial consultation, we will be enlightened and more adept to make suggestions and recommendations. We will take your budget into consideration from the very beginning of the planning process, so that we can provide you with the best advice as to how we can achieve your desired look while maximizing your budget.

Who will be working on my wedding?

Here at Frugal Flower, our team is comprised of highly trained professionals who have a heart for the Flower Industry. Your experience from your first encounter with our staff until the moment your flowers are delivered and set up will be both memorable and pleasant. Allison Hassard, or Wedding and event Coordinator is genuine and charming and her expert perspective and creativity will be refreshing to any Bride! Our talented and innovative floral design staff is lead by Michael Devlin, Design Supervisor and Buyer and Owner of Frugal Flower. Our experienced Delivery staff will maintain that your wedding flowers arrive in the very same pristine condition as when they left the hands of our skilled Designers... and they will be delivered with a smile. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the courteous manner in which we work with our clients, and it is evident when you order your wedding flower from Frugal Flower.

How do I know what flowers are in season?

Timing is very important, especially when choosing the flowers for your big day! Whether you want your bridal bouquet to compliment the rustic earthy tones of autumn, or wish to recreate an enchanting English Garden with your floral centerpieces at an outdoor spring reception, we can assist you in your flower selection. Our floral experts work directly with local growers and farms all over the world to provide you with the season's freshest blooms for your big day. During your wedding consultation, we will discuss seasonal flowers to match your color scheme and the overall theme of your wedding. We can discuss the sentiments of various flowers and how they will work with your desired ambiance.

Why do flower prices vary throughout the year?

We will exert the utmost effort in filling every need and satisfying all requests of our Brides, however, the cost of flowers does vary throughout the year. If a certain flower is not in season, it may be more difficult, if at all possible, to attain. With that difficulty, there is often an increase in price, so we are more than happy to offer an alternative should you decide that the desired flower does not fit in accordance to your budget. Also, particular flowers that are in high demand will often cost more, as illustrated by the increase in price of long stem red roses during Valentines Day. When Growers raise cost and shipping/freight charges are increased, the price of flowers is affected. Another detail to attend is timing. Flower prices are often increase during holiday times, such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, due to high demand, handling costs and the price increase set by growers.

How do I choose what flowers are appropriate for my ceremony and reception?

Your wedding will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life, so you want all aspects to be ideal and seamless, including the floral décor. During your wedding consultation, we will work with you to discuss details that will help us meet your needs. We will inquire about the theme of your wedding, venue details, members of the wedding party, the size of your wedding, as well as other miscellaneous details that will assist us in determining what will be appropriate to attain the look you are hoping to achieve and to compliment your very special day.

How do I choose what flowers are appropriate for my ceremony and reception

Frugal Flower carries a beautiful selection of fresh blooms from top growers around the world, and you can be certain that your wedding flowers will be stunning. Whether you are budget-conscious or looking for something new or different, we do offer alternative options for your wedding day flowers. We encourage you to explore your options and we are receptive to your ideas. If you have an idea or like a particular concept, we suggest that you discuss details during your wedding consultation. At your consultation we can offer suggestions and communicate the array of options for non-traditional Wedding flowers, styles, and arrangements.

Will you provide a sample for me to see?

Some of our work can be viewed online, and perusing the website is a great way to discover some of what Frugal Flower has to offer to Brides. Our masterpieces, however, are not confined to the pieces you may view online, as we are always creating and developing our floral designs and techniques. During your consultation, we do provide wedding albums and magazines for you to view and evaluate. If you find something you like or a style that you would like us to emulate, we can discuss the details as to how it can compliment your special wedding. If you request a sample of a centerpiece after you have selected your flowers, please understand that we do consider all such requests on an individual basis, and that there may be a cost involved in providing a sample.

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