Arrangements & Bouquets with Roses

Looking for a local florist to hand deliver roses in Wayland? We have a great selection of long-stem rose bouquets and arrangements that include roses. Whether you want to send bouquet of red roses to your special someone as anniversary gift or a colorful arrangement that includes roses for any of life’s celebrations, we have something for you.

We are located down the street from Wayland. We deliver roses to Wayland Funeral Home, Wayland restaurants, residences, businesses and Nursing Homes.  Just order by 2PM if you would like to send roses today to all area businesses and residences. You can send red roses for a romantic gift, order pink roses for a new baby girl, send white roses for a sympathy, buy orange roses for Thanksgiving, have yellow roses delivered to your best friend, get peach roses as a thank you gift or buy purple roses for birthday. 

What do the color of roses mean?

Red roses are a symbol of love and romance.

Pink roses convey feelings of admiration, happiness and joy.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship.

White roses represent innocence and purity.

Orange roses can inspire energy and desire.

Purple roses state "love at first sight."

Peach Roses express your appreciation.