Orchids Care Guide


The exotic orchid boasts more than 35,000 different species to enjoy. While they follow the same general care tips as other flowers, there are a few things that make the orchid stand apart. First of all, their petals are quite delicate, so be sure to keep them above the water line to prevent spotting. Because orchids thrive in cooler temperatures, place them in cool water for around 15 minutes prior to cutting the stems. A fresh cut allows the stems to efficiently absorb the necessary amount of water.

When you're ready to display your arrangement, you can use room-temperature water. Mist your orchids daily to keep them properly hydrated. Empty the vase and fill it with fresh water every two days. Keep your orchids out of direct sunlight and away from drafty spaces - bursts of air can cause them to dehydrate. Orchids are especially susceptible to premature withering due to exposure to ethylene gas, so place them away from ripening fruit which is known to release this type of gas.

Orchids represents love, refinement, beauty and strength. As with every flower, each color has a different meaning, however, when it comes to the orchid, they all revolve around love and beauty.

  • Blue orchids are extremely scarce, so they represent rarity. Their peaceful hue also symbolizes meditation and spirituality.
  • Pink orchids stand for joy, innocence and happiness.
  • White orchids represent elegance, beauty and innocence.
  • Yellow orchids are the perfect gift for friend because they represent both friendship and new beginnings.
  • Purple orchids are regal and stand for royalty and respect.
  • Lavender orchids symbolize grace, feminine beauty and elegance, making them a wonderful Mother's Day gift.
  • Red orchids symbolize love and passion, but they also stand for courage and strength.

Pink orchids are celebrated gifts for the 14th and 28th wedding anniversaries. The orchid is the official flower of Hong Kong, and various hybrids serve as the official flower for a number of South American countries, such as Honduras, Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

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