Flower Delivery In Northborough MA - Beautiful Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a universal gift for everyone. Part of the appeal of flowers is that they carry their own special meaning — whether it is love for red roses, spirituality for white lilies, or friendship for yellow roses. Flowers have long been a way to express your love, joy, best wishes and other sentiments without speaking a word.  See what we have for affordable flowers in Northborough this week.


Located in Sudbury, we are made up of a small team of professionals who work to make every step of the process — from ordering to delivery — as smooth and affordable as possible. We import flowers daily directly from partner farms around the world, including South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. This gives us a fresh selection of the best blooms to choose from each day. Express yourself today through flowers; we are up for the task and will proudly deliver — literally and figuratively. Since 1988, The Frugal Flower has been delivering fresh cut flowers and plants to those living in Northborough, MA and other towns and cities in Worcester County.

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