Gerbera Daisies Care Guide


Gerbera daisies are among the top five most popular flowers in the United States. To keep your bouquet healthy, cut the stems by about a half-inch in order to ensure the water can move quickly to the blossom. Because their stems are highly susceptible to bacteria blockage, which causes their heads to droop, it's important to change the water often and to provide floral food every day or two. Keep the vase clear of fallen leaves to help keep the water clean. Gerbera daisies require plenty of natural sunlight, so displaying them in a brightly lit room is an important step to preserving these whimsical blooms. Gerbera daisies are particularly sensitive to ethylene gas, so keep them away from ripening fruit.

These bright blossoms are April's birth flower, so keep that in mind for any of your family or friends with April birthdays. Native to South Africa, Traugott Gerber, a German botanist and doctor, discovered the gerbera daisy in the 18th century. Gerbera daisies symbolize happiness and joy - an effervescent excitement that bubbles over with glee! They're the perfect celebratory flower. They also stand for innocence, and a single gerbera daisy is a beautiful way to welcome a new baby.

Gerbera daisies are spirited and uplifting, making them perfect for any occasion. They're the ideal gift for someone who is making a major life change, such as starting a new career or moving to a new city. Gerberas always turn toward the sun, allowing the light to energize them - so it is believed that they invigorate the recipient as they follow their new path. 

A fun fact about gerbera daisies - they help you sleep by releasing fresh oxygen throughout the night, unlike most flowers, which reduce their oxygen production during bedtime hours. They're natural purifiers, removing chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air.

They also come in a variety of stunning shades like bright pink, sunshine yellow and vivid orange, as well as lighter hues, like baby pink, pale yellow and delicate peach.

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