Bouquets With Yellow Roses

Do you want to send flowers to your brother or sister? Yellow roses can signify the love between close friends and siblings.

What comes to mind when you think of the color yellow? There is a good chance that you think of the sun, happy thoughts, joy, and good health. If any of those comes to mind then you are on the right track with the meaning behind the stunning yellow rose.

Throughout history, people have long associated the color yellow with wisdom, health, and happiness. This helped to establish the meaning later on when the yellow rose was discovered and cultivated for commercial use. If you lived before the 18th century there is a good chance that you probably never saw a yellow rose. This is because it is said that someone in the 18th century discovered the yellow rose and helped to bring it to the masses. Up until then the main colors available for people to purchase was varying shades of pink and white. Needless to say when the yellow rose came around, people were elated beyond measure to have a new fun and vibrant variety. An interesting note about the early yellow roses is that there was no fragrance associated with them. It would not be until later on that the growers refined their breeding techniques and created the perfect blend of color and fragrance.

As the yellow rose gained in popularity it quickly became known as the friendship rose. This is mainly due to the already existing associations with the color yellow. Add to that the fact that people realize that friends make your life happier and healthier, it was only natural for the yellow rose to acquire this meaning. This helps us in today's day and age in a simple yet profound way, giving roses without meaning something romantic!

Of all the color roses available yellow is one of the few colors that have no romantic feeling or emotions attached to them. This means that when gifting it to a friend or co-worker there is no need to worry that they may think something deeper is meant by the kind gesture.

When it comes to breeds of yellow there is a plethora to choose from these days. One of our favorites to use one our floral arrangements are bikini and Latina. This is because they have a nice shade of yellow and one of them even has a few petals that have a “burnt” red edge to them. Can you guess which one? If you guessed latina then you are correct! This burnt red feature makes them a spectacular to behold.