Bouquets With White Roses

White roses have many meanings making them a perfect gift for so many occasions. We have long stem white rose bouquets as well as vases including white roses.

The white rose is a flower that is traditionally used for two main events in life. It is commonly associated with weddings and memorials/ funeral. This is due to the meaning of the white rose. The white rose symbolizes purity, spirituality, sympathy, innocence, honor, and reverence. Once you see what this stunning flower stands for. It’s not hard to see why people would want to use it for these important occasions in life.

There is something to be said about going to a wedding and seeing white roses there. It seems to elevate the occasion to a higher level. There is a certain level of class and appeal to a wedding with white rose bouquets. Like the bride with her white dress to symbolize purity, so too are the flowers. They showcase the innocence of young love about to embark on a wonderful journey together. An interesting fact about the white rose being used for weddings is that back in 1840, Queen Victoria used it for her wedding. Since then brides have associated it with their weddings.

How beautiful is it that just as the white rose is there when love is young, it is also there when life has come to an end. To show our sympathy and our remembrance of a life that is dearly loved. What greater honor is there than to know that in life we could impact the life of others.

Some noteworthy facts about the white rose. Before the red rose became the common symbol of love, white was the love color. It is believed that in ancient times Aphrodite pricked her finger on a white rose and turned it red.

It also commonly associated with the Virgin Mary. This is due to it holding a symbol of purity, hope, and joy. All of these things are highly regarded in the Christian community. Making it easy to see why they would attach such a spectacular color rose with the Virgin Mary. Due to its ties with the church, in the medieval period, it was common for castles to have white rose gardens. This, in turn, helped to create a new tradition. Conversing among the white roses meant that the conversation was to be kept confidential.

There are two notable movies that have the white rose. The first is Disney's  Beauty and the Beast. It is the flower Belle’s dad takes (read borrow without permission) and is then held a prisoner for. The other one is the Hunger Games. President Snow always wears a boutonniere of a white rose when in public.

Like other roses, this is a flower that is predominantly grown in the Americas, mainly Ecuador.