Fresh Sunflower Bouquets and Arrangements

Sunflowers are a true beauty of time. It was so loved by the Tsar Peter the Great, that he had them brought back to Russia after his visit to the Netherlands. Russia then started growing over 2 million acres of sunflowers! A true symbol of the sun and the fun that it brings, the sunflower arrangement is a sure way to bring cheer to whoever receives them.

It’s difficult not to smile when you are in the presence of a bouquet of sunflowers. Characterized by bright yellow petals (called rays) and a dark brownish-black center, the botanical name of the sunflower is Helianthus (from the Greek word helios which means “sun” and anthos “flower”). A true symbol of the sun and the cheer that it brings, a sunflower arrangement is a sure way to bring happiness to whoever receives it. Sunflowers originated in North America and were first cultivated by American Indian tribes not for their beauty, but as a food source. Nutrient-rich seeds were often ground and added to flour and various meals. It wasn’t until the European exploration of the New World that the sunflower’s popularity spread, and soon they began to be cultivated for decorative purposes. Another interesting tidbit about the sunflower is that upon closer examination, you will notice that the center is actually filled with thousands of mini flowers called “florets”. 

Often considered “happy” flowers, the delightful disposition of sunflowers makes them a great pick-me-up for someone who needs a cheerful boost. Lift someone’s spirits when you send them our aptly named To See You Smile bouquet. The cheerful medley of sunflowers, hydrangeas, mini yellow roses, seeded eucalyptus and other blooms will surely warm anyone’s heart. Wish someone of very happy birthday with our Sunshine bouquet of sunflowers, roses, lilies and summer fillers mixed with lush greens. Sunflowers are generally hardy and long-lasting blooms allowing your recipients to enjoy them for extended periods of time.

Sunflowers are extremely versatile blooms that can be used yearlong to accent your home, especially when entertaining guests. Place our Giving Thanks arrangement of bi-colored orange roses, red Peruvian lilies, yellow solidago and burgundy traditional daisies in the center of your Thanksgiving table. When hosting a summer soiree, our Sunlit Meadows arrangement of sunflowers, yellow spray roses, magenta mini carnations, white traditional daisies, and lush greens have a “fresh from the garden” look.