Red Roses & Bouquets With Red Roses

No other flower expresses love more than a red rose. Whether it is a dozen red roses arranged in a vase or a mixed bouquet including red roses, we have something for you.

It is hard to think about love and not think of the red rose. It would be like having a birthday and not singing the birthday song. For as long a people can remember, the red rose has stood the test of time. No explanation is needed when someone receives the rose. It is automatically and instantly known that the one giving the rose loves the one receiving it. And this is a good thing! Not everyone knows how to say the right words. We can fumble and stumble our speech and then not get it just right. However, a red rose is a pure symbol that will speak for you. It will softly say “I love you” without any stumbles or fumbles. Like Aphrodite, The Grecian goddess of love, the red rose is revered and respected as the ultimate symbol of love.

This may not come as a large surprise but the holiday most associated with the red rose is Valentine’s Day. It is estimated that over 200 million roses are grown for the holiday. Of those 200 million, the majority of them are red roses.

When it comes to growers for this largely in demand flower. They are mostly found in the Americas. The United States gets most of it roses from Ecuador, Colombia and California

An interesting fact about the Rose is that it is believed to have originated in China many many years ago. It was then cultivated and transported to other parts of the world. Where it grew in popularity during the Roman and Greek periods of history. Shakespeare would later write to the now famous quote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” in his famous play Romeo and Juliet.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How true is that when it comes to something as beautiful as the red rose. When being held, the eyes gaze upon its beauty and even if only for a moment, takes you away into a magical world. In this world, there are no problems or worries. It takes you to a place that is serene and surrounded by love. When you come down from the ecstasy, you are left with a more zen-like state. You are ready to better conquer the day knowing that you are not alone and are loved.

One of the most notable movies to have a red rose is the movie Beauty and the Beast made famous by Disney.