Arrangements With Purple And Lavender Roses

Looking for a unique last minute gift? Send a beautiful flower arrangement including purple roses. Purple roses can signify love at first site!

Traditionally speaking, the color purple has always been quite hard to make from things naturally found in nature. For this reason it was considered a color of the royals as they were usually one of the only ones who could afford to purchase it. This hold true to the purple rose also. One of its meaning is to signify that something or someone is important or regal.

Another fascinating meaning for the purple rose is that it is associated with whim or enchantment. Primarily of whimsical, enchanting love at first sight. Just like you can on a whim be fancied in love and have a spur of the moment fling, you can also the next moment be undone by the “sorcery” and have moved on to something else. This makes the purple rose a fun and playful rose that can be given to someone that you have a quick passion for.

One of the interesting thing about the purple rose is that it is not naturally occuring in nature. It is believed that is was somewhere in the 1800’s that a botanist was able to blend a European style rose with one from China and then created a purple hue rose. From this they were able to later create a few other variations.

One of the more common breed of purple used today in many flower shops is the breed known as “Coolwater”. This is chosen due to its high durability compared to other purple roses and it resistance to diseases. “Blueberry” is another fun a deep purple that is really pretty.

When it comes to life span of the rose, the purple rose is considered to be among one of the shortest of all the roses. This probably helps to add to the notion that you can have a magical spark one moment with love and be gone the next. On the positive note, purple roses tend to be one of the more fragrant color of roses around.