Bouquets With Pink Roses

Pink roses are a wonderful gift for so many occasions. Send for a new baby girl, Sweetest day, Mother's Day or just because someone loves the color pink.

Appreciation, gratitude, joy, happiness, and love. These are a few of the words associated with the pink rose. Due to it being a middle ground between the white and red roses. People often associate the pink rose with a love that is blossoming into a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

This stunning color comes in a vast variety. A light blush pink that generally represents you want to show admiration for an individual. A medium or “regular” pink, This is more commonly used to encourage a friend or to express your desire to a young love. Even a dark and deep pink, This is mostly used for showing appreciation and a more delicate way of saying ‘thank you”. For all you Elvis Presley fans out there, it even comes in a hot pink variety.

Due to there being such a large variety of shades when it comes to pink roses. They have become a very popular flower for weddings. As before stated, their symbolic representation of love allows for the wedding to be more custom. A decision can be better made based on the venue and decor of choice. This, of course, is great in today's day and age where we want everything to be custom to our desires.

An interesting fact, as early as 5,000 years ago in China they were cultivating the pink rose. It is believed that the pink rose was one of the first flowers to be cultivated due to it being found more easily out in the wild. Due to this, it was common for people to use the flowers to decorate and accentuate their home throughout history. This also gives the pink rose a place of notable honor among flowers as it was one of the first to be used by humans to farm.

In today's day and age, it is often perceived that pink is a color for girls. This, however, is not the case throughout the history of this flower. Pink is for both girls AND boys as it is a symbol of grace and appreciation.

A Lesser known fact about the pink rose is that during Roman times it was probably associated with pain and suffering. This is because myth has it that Rhoanthe tried to become the goddess of the hunt and protectress of all women. As punishment Apollo decided to transform her into a rose.

Today a common use for the pink rose is as a gift for when someone has a baby girl. This is mainly due to the fact that pink in today age is strongly associated with being a girl color. So to express their excitement to the new parents, a bouquet with pink roses is a common choice.