Arrangements with Lisianthus

If you are looking for a beautiful flower to express your charismatic and outgoing personality then lisianthus is the flower you are looking for. Often associated with a vibrant, happy, charismatic and outgoing personality this flower is a great way to cheer someone up or to say thank you.

Unlike some other flowers, this flower does not hold a deep meaning and tie to passionate love and romance. Meaning that it is not common for the person receiving a lisianthus as a gift to think you have romantic feelings attached to your gift.

There may be a couple of reasons as to why this flower has grown the attachment to its happy outgoing nature. It may be that this flower grows in a warm climate originally. Being naturally found in the southern US, such as Texas, Mexico, and other parts of South America including some of the islands. These climates tend to be a “warm” climate both literally and figuratively with the people who reside there. It is a known fact that people in those climates tend to be happier and more charismatic than those who live in colder climates.

Another reason this flower may be associated with happy vibes may be due to the fact that it comes in a fun and unique sort of varieties. For starters, it has multiple colors associated with it. Coming in all sorts of colors ranging from white, green, light and dark pink, red, purple, and more! This means that people can use it for almost any occasion. Lisianthus is also fairly long lasting flower once cut. This makes it easier to use it as a gift and get your money’s worth. While other flowers can last up to 7 days in good conditions. This flower has been observed lasting up to 3 weeks! Though not all lisianthus will last this long it is nice to know that this flower can last a smidge longer to allow you to appreciate its beauty.

One of the last reason it may have its meaning is that fact that this flower can have either a single or double variety. In the single, It has been said to resemble other flowers such as the poppy or the tulip. Both of which are loved by flower enthusiasts all over the world. In its double variety, it has been said to resemble a peony or a rose with its petals in full blossom and clustered together. Whatever the variety, it suffices to say that this flower is gorgeous in its own right capable of standing with the best of them.

An interesting note about the history of this flower is that it has a few names attached to it. One of them being Eustoma. This word comes from the Greek eu, meaning good and stoma, meaning mouth. This, of course, represents that fact that this flower which is typically up to 2 inches across when in full bloom has a very beautiful “mouth” aka petal. It’s not hard to see why this is one name chosen for the flower. Another name is Lisianthus coming from the Greek lissos, meaning smooth and anthos, meaning flower. The petals and the leaves of this flower are relatively smooth for a flower. Making this a nice flower to handle. Other names range from Texas Bluebell to Prairie Gentian and more.

As far as when to use this flower go, there are a few that come to mind. One of the main ones are weddings, thank you gifts, and get well gifts. People like using lisianthus as a wedding flower due to its vast color selection and it also makes for a sturdy flower to add to a bouquet and be held in your hand. As previously mentioned this has a naturally vibrant and charismatic nature to it. This makes it a perfect pick me up type arrangement or a thank you bouquet! Add to the mix the fact you can add many colors and really cater to the individual need.

Whatever the reason you may have to use this flower, it suffices to say that it is more than adequate to accomplish your needs. It will impress and add a wonderful pop of color and stunning mix to the occasion. Whether you are placing it on your table for a fabulous event or on the hospital bedside to cheer someone up, know that you can not go wrong with the lisianthus.