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Flower Arrangements That Include Iris

Known for its unmistakable shape, the iris has been favored by unique flower-lovers for its color and structure. Sometimes called “the butterfly flower”, the iris is the perfect way to send a truly unique message on any occasion. A symbol of loyalty, the iris is sure to impress anyone.

This mysterious and unique flower has been a favorite for centuries and is the inspiration for the well-known three-pronged fleur-de-lis most commonly associated with the French Royal Family. The deep purple iris boasts elegance, and its exquisite stature and traditional indigo and yellow color are unmistakable. The birth flower of February, the amethyst color of these blossoms are sure to spread cheer to your loved ones. The symbolic meanings of the three prongs of the iris represent faith, royalty, and wisdom, making them the perfect gift for a treasured loved one. Also the traditional flower of the 25th wedding anniversary, these stunning flowers are the perfect way to celebrate any momentous occasion.