Fresh Hydrangea Floral Arrangements and Bouquets

Looking for something truly stunning that sets itself apart from all other flowers? Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to add to any floral arrangement to truly impress. Their unmistakable size and graceful colors make hydrangeas a favorite for any occasion.

With their characteristic large, round flower heads, hydrangeas are one of the most recognizable and beloved flowers. The word hydrangea comes from the Greek words hydros, meaning water, and angos, meaning vessel or jar. Native to southern and eastern Asia and North and South America, there are many varieties of hydrangea (also called hortensia), with Mophead, Lacecap and Smooth hydrangea being some of the most popular types used in bouquets and arrangements. There is an unmistakable elegance to hydrangeas, due in part to the many small clusters of blooms that explode into one beautiful head as well as their impressive colors. Hydrangeas come in shades of white, cream, pink, blue, and purple and make a striking addition to many arrangements. Did you know that blue hydrangeas get their color by being grown in acidic soil and that pink varieties get their pretty hue from alkaline soil? By adjusting the pH of the soil, growers can create the exact color they want.

You’ll discover many stunning arrangements in our collection that incorporate hydrangeas — each with its unique personality. Hydrangeas are showstoppers on their own, and our simple Joyful Inspirations arrangement of several blue hydrangeas grouped together in a clear vase has a delicate and enchanting effect. The fluffy blooms of pink hydrangea are the perfect complement to the exquisite pink and white Asiatic and Oriental lilies of our Intrigue Luxury bouquet. True to its name, our Simply Splendid arrangement features a splendid palette of regal purple and yellow roses, alstroemeria and carnations anchored by light green hydrangea. Send any of our hydrangea arrangements and bouquets on many occasions such as birthdays, holidays, get well, anniversaries or to let someone know you are thinking of them. Have a fourth anniversary coming up? Hydrangeas are the designated flower to celebrate four years together and are known to symbolize heartfelt emotion and gratitude.