Virbrant Bouquets With Gerbera Daisies

As refreshing as the first day of spring, gerbera daisies are sure to brighten up any room or arrangement. Known for their vibrant colors and unmistakable appearance, gerbera daisies have become a classic symbol of innocence and joy. Send some sunshine to your loved ones with gerbera daisies!

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, thank you, or just because, send gerbera daisies to liven up someone’s day. Though gerbera daisies have taken on many meanings, they are known most distinctly for their unparalleled bright colors and pleasing shape. Gerbera daisies, when delivered to any loved one, will be sure to please. The joyful birth flower of April and the traditional flower of the 5th anniversary, daisies are not only pleasing to the eye but soaked in tradition and symbolism. When added to any arrangement, gerbera daisies are sure to add a splash of color and sunshine to bring joy to any of life’s occasions. 

It’s often said that flowers have the power to instantly brighten someone’s day, and we couldn’t agree more! Different flowers conjure up different feelings and moods — whether it’s the romance of roses, the elegance of calla lilies or the childlike joy of gerbera daisies. There’s something about the gerbera daisy. Maybe it’s because of its perfectly round shape, or its vibrant color palette. Or maybe it’s because it resembles a cartoon drawing of the sun, complete with the petals acting as the sun’s rays. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that when you send someone gerbera daisies, you’ll brighten their day.

Gerbera daisies (Gerbera Jamesonii) originated from South Africa and come in yellow, orange, pink, red and nearly every color (except true blues and purples).The petals are so richly and evenly saturated with color, they look surreal. As the fifth most cut flower in the world, gerbera’s are a popular choice for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, get well and any occasion when you want to lift someone’s spirits or celebrate a joyous milestone.

Gerbera daisies make a whimsical bouquet when grouped alone, and truly come to life when complemented with other blooms. We’ve put together several charming arrangements for you to choose from based on the occasion and your personal taste. If you prefer a monochromatic palette, pick an arrangement with a mix of large and small blooms in varying shades, such as deep pink gerberas, light pink Asiatic lilies and mini roses. Love the dynamic of putting together complementary colors? Orange gerbera daisies pop when paired with crème de la crème roses, purple lisianthus, green button poms and a mix of vibrant greens. If you like the elegance of pastels, a bouquet of yellow gerbera daisies, lavender roses, purple larkspur, purple matsumoto asters and pink mini carnations captures your vision.

Ready to make someone smile today? Send them gerbera daisies.