Flower Arrangements That Include Carnations

Carnations are the perfect flower to add to any mixed arrangement, and are stunningly built to stand alone as the perfect flower for any occasion. Delicate yet hardy, carnations have been a beloved favorite for centuries. Their enduring popularity is a testament to their magnificent structure and unparalleled color that is perfect to convey any message.


This culturally significant bloom was originally known for its Latin name meaning “flower of the gods” or “heavenly blossom”. Its symbolic meanings include distinction and fascination, and each of its many varying colors has gained significant meanings. Similar to the color meanings of roses, red signifies devotion, yellow for happiness, white for purity and grace, and purple for passion. However, pink is the most popular color choice because of its traditional significance. Christian legend states that the first carnation bloomed pink at the site of the first tears shed by Mary for her son Jesus over 2,000 years ago. This legend has given pink carnations the symbol of undying love, and has made carnations the traditional flower of Mother’s Day. These long-lasting blooms have also become the traditional flower of the 1st wedding anniversary, symbolizing love that will never be forgotten. Their brightly colored blooms perfectly compliment any floral arrangement, and their flowing layered petals make them distinct enough to catch any eye. Truly unique and immediately recognizable, carnations are the perfect long-lasting flower to send to your loved ones to convey a message of love and joy.