Bouquets with Calla Lilies

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If you are looking for a flower that has quickly risen the rank in terms of popularity for weddings, you need to look no further than the Calla lily. This flower is stunning to behold and filled with a rich history that is sure to impress anyone curious enough to listen.

When it comes to the origin of the flower. It is believed that this flower was first discovered in southern Africa near Malawi and Madagascar. This flower is naturally a swamp flower, loving moisture. An interesting note is that this flower is more closely related to the Skunk Cabbage than it is to an actual lily. But more on that later.

After it was discovered it was later brought north to Rome, where they used it as a symbol of light in the winter months. It was common for the Romans to plant the flowers in their homes so that it would align with the winter solstice and allow it to bloom when the months were at their shortest and darkest. It was also common for the wealthier members of the community to add gold flakes to the flowers. It is believed that the variety of calla lilies used during this period was around 7 feet tall!

Later in the flower`s history, it was transported to Europe. Once there, it rose in popularity and painters started to showcase the flower as early as the early 1600’s. Once this started happening, it was only a matter of time for the flower to explode in popularity among the general populace. With time it became more common to be used in funerals. This probably has to do with the fact that people had already been using it as a flower to light up the home in the darkest month/ times of the year. This is also compounded by the fact that southern Europe could bloom the flower all year round.

It would later be in the 1800’s that the flower came to the US. Once here artist began using it in paintings and it started to acquire a more sensual meaning. This is thanks in part to artist Georgia O’Keeffe. With the flower being used by such prominent figures in culture, it soon became common for the flowers to be used in weddings.

Today this flower is one of the most sought-after flowers when it comes to weddings. It is a superb addition to any wedding as it is a stunning flower to behold and comes in a good variety of colors to help match most wedding decor. Some of the colors available are white (the most popular), yellow, lavender, pink, rose, orange, green, and “black” (which is a dark purple). Interestingly enough, this is one of the few flowers that come in a color variety that is close to black. This makes them a perfect flower to add a pop of dark color.

An interesting note about the calla lily is that it is not really a true calla nor is it a true lily. When it was first classified, the knowledge on callas was not yet as profound as it is today and it was incorrectly labeled. Due to this is has changed names a few time from the original but still hold on to the Calla lily name despite not being true to the common name.

Another fun fact about the calla lily is that the outer part of what most people would consider the flower is actually a colored leaf! The part that is considered the flower is the stalk on the inside. That outer leaf with its stunning color is known as the spathes and the inner stalk is known as the spadix.

When it comes to occasions to use this flowers the most common would be weddings and funerals. But it also common to use it as a luxury flower in a vase. This was in part thanks to people such as Martha Stewart in her magazines. Hollywood also uses the white calla lilies in a vase to decorate a luxury home and sell the luxurious home lifestyle for movies and tv shows.

As far as longevity goes, this flower is known to last for quite a while. When compared to other flowers the calla lily does pretty well, so long as it is well maintained in the vase. The only downfall is that the stem tends to decay and becomes soft to the touch when it is reaching its end of life. Once this occurs you are better off tossing the flowers or cutting the stem and using the spath part for decoration.

This is a stunning flower with plenty of rich history. It has made leaps and bounds to become of today`s most popular flowers. It is worthy of our attention and certainly worthy of our home and life. It will add a wonderfully elegant look to any occasion.