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Blue Flowers, Arrangements and Bouquets

Like a cloudless blue sky or the clear azure waters of a tropical beach, our collection of blue flowers has a calming, soothing effect. Experts who study the psychological effects of color, have long reported that the color blue is one that is associated with trust, honesty and loyalty. It reduces stress and creates a sense of relaxation and order. This explains why sending blue-hued blooms are such a popular choice from our collection of bouquets.

Blue blooms are appropriate to send on many occasions — from birthdays and thanking someone, to wishing someone good luck, sending get well wishes, extending your sympathy and letting someone know you are thinking of them. Popular blue flowers include hydrangea, irises, delphinium, blue statice, larkspur and more, and we have them all for you.

Our collection of artistically designed bouquets of blue flowers ranges from all-blue palettes to blue palettes that have been accented with other complementary colors. For an all-blue arrangement, send our Joyful Inspirations bouquet of fluffy blue hydrangeas or our Iris Riches Bouquet of dark purple irises. For a pretty light and dark bouquet, try our Beautiful In Blue arrangement of deep blue hydrangea, blue statice, white daisies and alstroemeria and lilies assembled in a rich blue glass vase.

Light blue is always a popular choice for baby boys. Welcome a precious baby boy into the world with our Boys Are Best bouquet complete with a fun balloon. Want to thank a loyal friend for always standing by you side for so many years? Send them our Seaside Splendor bouquet with a note that explains why choosing this blue-hued bouquet represents their loyalty and friendship.

Will you be hosting a dinner party for many guests at your home? Set a serene, calming atmosphere with a soothing blue arrangement as a table centerpiece.