Father's Day Flowers, Gifts and Plants

We have all sorts of flowers and gifts for Father's Day.  Whether he likes bright flowers, or arrangements designed in primary colors or a long lasting dish garden, we have something for Dad.

We hand deliver Father's Day flowers and gifts for Dad to Acton, Ashland, Bedford, Berlin, Bolton, Boxboro, Carlisle, Chestnut Hill, Concord, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hudson, Lexington, Lincoln, Marlboro, Maynard, Natick, Needham, Newton, Northboro, Sherborn, Shrewsbury, Southboro, Stow, Sudbury, Waltham, Wayland, Wellesley, Westboro and Weston

Forget the tie, socks, pen and whatever that golf trinket thing is supposed to be. He has plenty of those already. While we are at it, let’s not worry about tools either. You and I both know that if something breaks around the house there is a good chance it is going to stay broke until it’s time to move or mom calls someone to come fix it. So let’s help keep the garage clean and consider a different route this year. This Father’s Day let’s get dad something a little more thoughtful. Something that will actually get used and enjoyed by not only good ol’ dad but the other member of the house also. A gift that mom and guests will all be proud of. When accolades roll in from mom, the family, and friends, then dad will really be happy.

I am talking about a gift with life. A lovely dish garden or a stunning bouquet of flowers that shows the world dad rocks. I know what you are thinking “aren’t flowers for girls?” and the answer is no. Flowers and dish gardens are a great way to express appreciation for both females and males. They let the recipient know that love, care, devotion, attention, appreciation, and more are felt. It would seem quite a shame to only be able to tell mom that she is loved through such a complex and renowned language as flowers (btw there is a book written on the language of flowers).

Dad’s may not always allow themselves the time and space to showcase their feelings, but that doesn't mean they don’t like to know other people's feelings. Especially when those people are their kids. Flowers come in such a vast array that it is easy to create something that is custom to an individual father’s need. If golf is the hobby of choice, then a lovely dish garden is a great way to express your care for dad. The dish garden has many unique and fun plants that come together to help remind him of the trees and greens of the fairway. It is sure to be a hole in one with the golfer dad.

Perhaps you have a more creative father who enjoys color. Then why not create a lovely and stunning floral arrangement that showcases his favorite colors or style. There is really no limit on how something can be arranged to accommodate the individual. Maybe your dad is the kind of guy who doesn't like color. That is OK too. A lovely white arrangement is a great way to living up his spirits and tell him you care without cramping his style.

Speaking of Father’s Day. Do you know how it came to be? It started back in 1909 with a lady named Sonoma Smart trying to honor her father after her mother passed away. She was 1 of 6 siblings and her dad took care of them and showed them unconditional love. She was so moved by wanting to honor her dad that she went to different stores, government buildings, churches, and other buildings in the Spokane, Washington area and asked them to celebrate and create something for June 19th in 1910. This date was chosen because her father was born in June and she felt that would be the best way to honor him.

It would not be until much later that the United States would consider officially recognizing Father’s Day as a national holiday. Many men at the time were not too keen on the idea. They felt that they were trying to be forced into something emotional. They also weren't too happy about the prospect of creating a holiday in which their children would take their hard earned money to by them something they didn't need. This attitude still holds to this day and age. Though not as strong and prevalent anymore. Some dads and other parents aren't too happy with the holiday as they feel it is not needed. Around WWII some people were advocating to eliminate both Mother’s Day and Father's Day and just create 1 holiday to order both parents. This however soon passed as store needed to entice people to buy during a struggling economy. And 2 holidays are better than one. Today both holidays are alive and well with Father’s day being the shorter less recognized of the two.

Despite what some of the naysayers say, it is a great idea. celebrating dad is something that should be done throughout the world. Raising kids takes a village and often the chief of the village is dad and mom. The sacrifices made by dad for his children is worthy of honor and praise. Let dad know you care and appreciate his time and devotion to you and your family.