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Tis’ the Season for Bright Red Blooms

There are so many fun and brilliant ways to add vibrancy, coziness, and warmth to your home this fall and winter. Between festive decorations and the glowing dance of the fireplace, your living room will surely feel welcoming. However, here at Frugal Flower, the best florist in MetroWest, we believe nothing can top the allure, joy, passion, and beauty of red blooms. This season, we are highlighting our most beloved red flowers and plants that will seamlessly fit amongst your treasured holiday decor or on your family dining table.

Why We Love Red Flowers

One can argue that the most attractive color in existence is red, making red blooms the most alluring flowers. In fact, red is the most distinguishable color we are able to see with the human eye, and it is also the hue that babies can first discern. This fantastic and bold color instantly captures our attention, leaving little choice but to slow down and take a few seconds to admire.

Symbolism of the Color Red

Red seeks to attract our attention, whether romantically or to warn us of danger. Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions are often filled with red hearts, red balloons, and red flowers, especially roses, since red is a symbol of love, romance, desire, and passion. Additionally, red street signs, red danger signs, red beach flags, and more are a way to grab our attention and communicate dangerous situations. Red is a powerful hue, and with that comes further significance, as this color can also symbolize power, strength, confidence, and courage.

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

When choosing the perfect red blooms to warm your space this season, keep in mind the warm and cool undertones that red can have. For instance, cool reds might include purple or blue undertones that create a moody, harmonious, or more natural feeling. On the other hand, warm reds with yellow or orange undertones will enhance your space with bright energy, positivity, joy, cheer, and warmth. 

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


Amaryllis are showstopping blooms that are perfect for the holiday season and oftentimes supplement or replace red poinsettias. From bright solid hues to striped or two-toned blooms, their star and trumpet-shaped petals symbolize commitment, determination, pride, confidence, and love.


Red anemones with black centers are striking! Derived from the Greek word meaning “windflower,” the petals of anemones can be described as being delicately blown open by a gust of wind.


Aster is the birth flower for September and maintains a strong position as one of the season’s most beloved blooms. Belonging to the daisy family, aster is symbolic of devotion, patience, elegance, and daintiness.


Carnations represent distinction and fascination, perhaps due to their distinct and fascinating layered petals. Dark red carnations symbolize love and affection, while light red carnations are linked to admiration and adoration.


While the first chrysanthemum that was discovered had a stunning golden yellow hue, mums are known to bloom in a great range of colors, including the dazzling ruby red. Also known as the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” red mums are synonymous with joy and beauty.


Roses have been nicknamed “The Queen of Flowers” and are the most cherished and celebrated flower of all time. As the oldest bloom on earth, roses possess a rich and symbolic history linking them to romance and love.  

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


For centuries, the cheerful and bright red poinsettia has been a staple during the winter holidays and Christmas season. With big, bold red leaves shaped like stars that shine among contrasting green, poinsettias are cherished symbols of cheer, goodwill, joy, and community spirit.

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


Anthuriums are fun, exotic, and tropical flowers. So, what makes them a good choice for the autumn and winter seasons? Anthuriums live a long life, and their eye-catching red, waxy bloom adds dimension and texture when nestled among other red seasonal flowers. 

Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus offers lovely flowers in shades of red and pink and can thrive in your home for decades. Also called the schlumbergera, these succulent plants are simple to maintain and make sweet and heartwarming holiday gifts. 


Whether you know this vivid succulent houseplant as a kalanchoe, kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Christmas kalanchoe, there is no denying its green charm and delightful cherry red blooms. Representing eternal love and persistence, kalanchoes have the power to blossom fall after fall as the holiday season grows near. 


Bromeliads have an outstanding history that goes back around 30 to 65 million years. These plants have blossomed into a range of unique sizes, shapes, and colors, including the must-have red for the fall and winter seasons. Bromeliads will spice up your home decor with their contemporary and tropical style.

Winterberry Holly

Winterberry holly creates a classic holiday look, especially when incorporated into winter home decor. During the autumn season, these plants shed their green leaves, leaving the little red berries that cling to the branches underneath exposed. Whether arranged in a vase or woven into evergreen garland or wreaths, winterberry holly is symbolic of Christmas and the winter season. 

The beauty of red flowers is simply undeniable. From their exciting energy to their symbolism and warmth, they are the best blooms to add to your autumn and winter home decor. To find the perfect red beauties of the season, check out the selection of red flowers at Frugal Flower in Sudbury. 

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