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Little Ways to Create a Home Full of Holiday Hygge

The holidays are finally here! Tis’ the season for pulling out the decorations, hanging ornaments on the tree, and bringing life and warmth into our homes. Although your beloved vintage Santa Claus figurines and green garland wrapped around the banister certainly enhance the joys of the season, the experts here at Frugal Flower, the best florist in Sudbury and MetroWest, are sharing a few tips for bringing comfort, mindfulness, simplicity, and connection this holiday season with hygge. Hygge is a Danish art form that has evolved into a modern way of celebrating the holidays and winter months with loved ones and warm hearts.  

Five Ways to Create a Hygge-Filled Environment 

Closeup photo of family feet in wool socks at fireplace

Find Soft Socks & Fluffy Blankets

Many people might tell you that hygge means putting on the softest pair of socks and wrapping yourself in a big, fluffy blanket like a burrito. On a cold winter day, this sounds spectacular! However, to truly invite hygge into mega cozy moments like these, indulge in a favorite hobby that sparks passion or inspiration, get lost in a captivating book, or do something that brings you comfort, peace, and bliss. 

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Light Sweet Fragrant Candles

Lighting a candle can bring hygge into your space in so many ways. As it creates a serene environment, the soft flickering dance of the warm, sweet fragrant flames, paired with subtle snaps and crackles, will lure your attention. While delighting your senses with their glow and aroma, candles are a gentle reminder to be mindful, present, and appreciate the smallest of life’s moments. 

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Admire Fresh Flowers in Your Home

During the holiday season, we may receive or give loved ones a wintery floral bouquet to say “I love you,” “thank you for your hospitality,” “happy holidays,” “I miss you,” and so much more. Connecting with family and friends, no matter how close or far away they are, through the language of flowers enhances our sense of belonging, engagement, and togetherness. Not to mention, a gorgeous bouquet of red and white blooms among a lush bed of greenery is sure to brighten our spirits, lift our moods, and enhance our surroundings while urging us to be mindful and present as we admire. 

MYKOLAIV, UKRAINE - DECEMBER 23, 2020: Woman with sweet drink watching Home Alone movie on laptop at home, closeup. Cozy winter holidays atmosphere

Watch Nostalgic Holiday Movies

The holiday season doesn’t come without our favorite nostalgic holiday films and new Christmas movies. Pop some corn, brew a pot of hot chocolate, and bake delectable Christmas cookies and treats to fill your belly while you sink into your couch or curl up on the floor with a lovely bed of fluffy blankets. Set your phone to “do not disturb” and dive into a wonderful holiday movie marathon with family, friends, or significant other. Now, this sounds like hygge! 

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Enjoy the Company of Loved Ones!

Experiencing hygge won’t be complete without sharing the little joys of the holiday season with friends and family. Enjoying the company of loved ones will certainly look different to every one of us. While some families share laughter at the dinner table, others catch up via video chats. As some friends might gather in the living room or around a fireplace to the sounds of familiar Christmas tunes, others will establish new seasonal traditions with friends that they can look forward to year after year. However you spend quality time with loved ones during the holidays, find hygge through the warmth and comfort these beautiful moments bring.  

As the winter chill rolls in, creating a cozy, hygge-inspired home perfect for celebrating the holidays will be incomplete without feelings of warmth, comfort, love, and laughter. Add the finishing touches to your home this holiday season with a brilliant seasonal floral arrangement from your favorite MetroWest florist, Frugal Flower

Ways to bring home holiday hygge