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How to Spring Clean Your Home with Your Favorite Spring Blooms

After hiding in our warm homes this past winter, we are ready for a deep spring clean with live, vibrant green plants and uplifting, colorful spring blooms. From large, extravagant arrangements to single stems in bud vases, no fresh-cut bouquet is too big or too small to remind us that the warmth of the sun is just around the corner. With their pop of spring hues, sweet scents, and mood-boosting abilities, spring cleaning is incomplete without flowers.

Here at The Frugal Flower, we are not only ready to bring spring flowers into your homes, but we have rounded up some of the best spring cleaning tips for every room in your home. From refreshing to reorganizing and refining your space with a little personalization, take a look at how flowers will be your new favorite spring cleaning assists.

Refresh Your Bathroom

Over the years, we have picked up a few bathroom cleaning tips that are green and earth-friendly! One of our favorite replacements for paper towels is old t-shirts that are ready for the trash. Instead of tossing them, take the scissors to them and create new rags for cleaning. For a bathroom cleaner with few toxins and chemicals, mix white vinegar with distilled water. Then, while the distilled vinegar is handy, pour a cup down your drains to ensure your sinks and shower are clean and clog-free.

Refresh with Flowers

Chemical-free cleaners don’t always have the best scents, and sometimes we need a little floral arrangement or plant to help freshen up the bathroom even further. To plant and flower experts like us, the answer to complementing a refreshed and clean bathroom is bringing in your favorite spring blooms or plants with alluring fragrances.

  • Eucalyptus: Offers a burst of rejuvenating minty pine aroma
  • Peace Lily: Elegant flowering plants that assist in purifying bathroom air
  • Tulips: Brighten and lighten your bathroom while inspiring happiness
  • Carnations: The perfect tone for the start of spring, representing purity and luck

Reorganize Your Bedroom

The first thing many of us do when we begin to reorganize our home is head straight to our closets and wardrobes, ready to purge. This is the perfect opportunity to empty your dresser drawers, shelves, etc., so you can give these spaces a good deep clean, complete with vacuuming and dusting. Once everything is clean and dust-free, take your time to thoughtfully put back each article of clothes and other items one by one and get rid of the pieces that you haven’t recently worn or used and no longer need.

Reorganize with Flowers

Your favorite spring blooms are sure to “spark joy” as soon as you bring them into your bedroom. With a freshly cleaned and organized space, flowers are the perfect finishing touch to turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. As you rest, relax, and recharge, spring flowers will bring your joy, cheer, and an uplifting mood.

  • Sunflowers: Sunny, warm, and homey stems that symbolize happiness and gratitude
  • Gerbera Daisies: Bright, colorful petals representing cheerfulness
  • Daffodils: A pick-me-up after a long winter
  • Hyacinths:  Fragrant and vibrant blooms that inspire joy

Refine Your Kitchen

This spring, spruce up your kitchen with seasonal tea towels, beautiful canisters, and colorful decor accents that speak to you. Hanging valances and sheer curtains will add a softness with color that allows the spring sunshine to stream through, adding natural light to your space. While you’re at it, why not break out your favorite spring dishes that you may not get a chance to admire often, as well as linens and flatware to stage your dining table for your favorite meal.

Refine with Flowers

Fresh-cut blooms placed in a sweet mason jar or elegant vase will refine any kitchen. Search for your favorite spring flowers for a personal touch, brilliant pop of color, and lovely scent to fill your space. Display them on your counter or as a seasonal centerpiece for your kitchen table.

  • Peonies: A graceful addition to your kitchen
  • Sweet Peas: A symbol of gratitude and pleasure
  • Hydrangea: The best flowers proven to encourage relaxation and a mood boost
  • Orchids: A luxurious representation of refinement

Spring blooms are a breath of fresh air and one of our favorite ways to welcome the warmth and sunshine of this new season. Whether you are searching for revitalizing flowers to refresh your home or sweet fragrances to refine your decor, The Frugal Flower is at your service.