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Fun and Exciting Floral Surprises: Ideas for Picking Up Loved Ones from the Airport

The time for spring and summer travel is finally here! Whether your loved ones are returning from a trip or your far-away friends or family members are paying you a visit, you may find yourself picking someone up from the airport. After a day of traveling, your passengers could be a little exhausted and in need of a pick-me-up. What better way to greet someone at the airport than with a colorful, exciting, and inviting bouquet of fresh flowers? While there are so many fun ways to present this surprise to your loved ones, your friends here at The Frugal Flower are sharing some creative and inspiring ideas to welcome your travelers with flowers.

Creative Ways to Surprise Loved Ones with Flowers

Present Flowers at the Airport

Handing someone a lovely bouquet of blooms as soon as they walk off the airplane is a classic, romantic gesture that we often admire in movies and TV shows. No matter how these flowers are presented, they always evoke a wave of emotions that include love, longing, happiness, and joy. If you want to add laughter and humor to the mix, create a homemade sign with a funny saying or dress up like a chauffeur with a spiffy black suit and goatee.

Spruce Up Your Car

If your long-distance friend or family member is hauling a few bags of luggage, presenting them with a bouquet in the middle of the airport may add some stress, as it is one more delicate thing they have to juggle and carry. Sometimes waiting until you are in the car is a better plan. If this is the route you want to take, go the extra mile! Make sure your car is clean, and perhaps add some cute “welcome” decor or a small snack bag with their favorite local treats.

Decorate Your Home

A big welcome celebration as they arrive at your home is something that can never go wrong. A large “welcome” banner that is colorful and decorative can hang above your fireplace or on the wall above a table. Be sure to have their welcome flowers displayed near the banner, so they are easily visible. If your romantic partner is returning from a trip, light some candles and dim the lights for a sweet and relaxing ambiance. Pets and furry friends can also dress up and play a role to celebrate the occasion.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Setting up the guest room with clean sheets and fresh towels is always a wonderful way to make guests feel right at home. It is also another brilliant way to sneak in their floral bouquet! Place it on a nightstand, and be sure to leave a nice welcome note so that they know the flowers are for them. If they have never been to town before, you can also leave a list of your favorite places for them to explore during their visit.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

A lot of folks like to unwind after a day of traveling, especially if they have arrived on a late-night flight. In this case, presenting their floral arrangement while you enjoy a cup of coffee together or a delicious breakfast in the morning will help bring a fresh and exhilarating start to their day. This will give you a chance to really welcome them once everyone has settled in and experienced a good night’s rest.

Giving someone flowers when picking them up from the airport is a tradition that began many years ago but, like all good traditions, has stuck around through modern times. Floral arrangements say a lot, and when given to a loved one who is traveling, it can mean “I’ve missed you,” “thank you for visiting,” “welcome home,” and simply “I love you.” To pick out the best blooms for your friends and family, check out the gorgeous and colorful selection here at The Frugal Flower.