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A Guide to Choosing Thoughtful and Appropriate Bereavement Florals

Much like a hug, bereavement and sympathy flowers can speak volumes when we can’t find the right words to say to a loved one who has experienced a significant loss. In these times, sympathy arrangements are meaningful in so many ways and encourage those in grief to smile and feel the love and support from those around them. Here at The Frugal Flower, we know the importance of choosing just the right bouquet or arrangement that sends the perfect message. Since there are so many types and kinds of bereavement arrangements and symbolic blooms, we decided to put together a guide to lead you to the best and most appropriate bereavement flowers.

Types of Sympathy Arrangements

Peace lily planter

Floral Baskets and Plants

Sending a basket of flowers or a green plant to someone experiencing grief due to losing a loved one is beautiful. These types of arrangements are full of positive energy and are appropriate for anyone to send to the family’s home or workplace. However, sending floral baskets and plants is thoughtful if you have a close relationship with the bereaved rather than the person who has passed. If you had a closer relationship with the one who passed, then sending a basket or sympathy floral arrangement to the funeral home is more appropriate. 

Heart Shaped sympathy or funeral flowers near a tree at a cemetery

Floral Wreaths and Sprays

Celebrating the life of a colleague, friend, or family member is commonly done with floral wreaths and sprays. These types of sympathy arrangements are most appropriate to send to the funeral home and offer a special and unique purpose during the services. As a courtesy, or if you are unsure if this is the best route for you, it is always nice to check in with the family to see if it is suitable for you to contribute to the funeral flower display in honor of the one who passed.

Bouquet of lily flowers on altar.

Floral Arrangements and Tributes

Large floral arrangements and tribute arrangements often reflect a passion, occupation, personality, or hobby to honor someone who has passed. These very creative and large floral designs are reserved for close family members to select and display at the service or celebration of life.

Meaningful and Symbolic Bereavement Flowers

After you have a clear picture of what kind of bereavement flowers you plan to send or display, the next step is ensuring the floral content in the arrangement or design is meaningful and appropriate. Of course, selecting their favorite flower and color is a brilliant place to begin. If you are unsure or want to choose more symbolic blooms, look at these suggestions below.

Little angel sleeping. Angel and red rose on wooden background


Roses with red crimson petals not only symbolize love but are gently connected to mourning.

bouquet of chrysanthemums of different colors


In Pacific Asian countries, chrysanthemums are a symbol of mourning and grief. Chrysanthemums are also commonly included in sympathy arrangements in Europe.

Beautiful Pink carnation bouquet on white background, gift card, holiday, good mood


Carnations are linked to innocence and youth, especially white carnations, which are often beautiful choices for a celebration of life. Red carnations and pink carnations represent remembrance, love, and admiration.  

White lilies in a vase against a backdrop of candles. Flowers. Postcard


In many countries, lilies are a symbol of innocence, and in Asian culture, they are also a symbol of peace. These elegant blooms also have a strong tie to Christianity. Sword Lilies, or lilies with elongated stems, represent loyalty, moral strength, and remembrance.

Beautiful white gladiolus flowers against river at sunset, space for text. Nature healing power


Gladiolus are beautiful blooms that represent some of the most valuable qualities we often admire in others, including sincerity, moral integrity, and strength of character.

Bouquet of simple flowers on the table

Bright Colored Blooms

When designing sympathy arrangements, you may be surprised to learn that bright and colorful flowers are a gorgeous and thoughtful choice. While many people wear black out of respect and perhaps lean towards white blooms, colorful flowers are often appreciated in these dark and sad moments. A sophisticated and elegant multi-colored arrangement or exquisite monochromatic bouquet with their favorite color is a lively representation of the energy and positive attitude the person displayed throughout their life. Colorful and bright blooms also encourage an uplifting tone and a recollection of happy memories and the joy everyone shared. 

While browsing our collection of sweet sympathy bouquets and bereavement arrangements at The Frugal Flower, keep in mind your relationships with the one who passed and the bereaved and the symbolic blooms and colors you want to honor them with. The healing powers of breathtaking flowers, as Mother Nature has soaked them in nostalgic fragrances, wondrous colors, and inspiring symbolism, are a wonderful acknowledgment and the perfect sentiment when words seem to fail us.