Alstroemeria Care Guide


Alstroemeria is native to Peru and is often referred to as the Peruvian lily. When you receive your alstroemeria, make an inch-long diagonal cut to the bottom of each stem to help the water flow up to the blossom. Dissolve the flower food in a vase full of water and arrange your bouquet. This particularly thirsty flower requires a lot of water, so check the vase often to make sure it's full. Another option is to put the stems into saturated floral foam before putting the flowers in a vase. Also, make a point to remove any dead foliage from the water so they don't breed bacteria and suck up any nutrients. Place your vase in a cool spot away from drafty areas and direct sunlight.

Alstroemeria was discovered by Claus von Alstromer, a Swedish baron, and symbolizes enduring friendship. In fact, each of the flower's six petals holds a different meaning of what makes a good friend: humor; understanding; empathy; patience; commitment; and respect. It has been said that by keeping alstroemeria nearby, you'll attract new friends into your life. The idea is that you "branch out" socially and build a caring network of people.

Available in just about every color, pink and red alstroemeria convey affection toward a friend, while yellow, blue and white are ideal "get well" flowers. Alstroemeria is an appropriate gift for many different occasions, such as celebrating an anniversary with your nearest and dearest friend. The bouquets also make for a thoughtful thank-you gift for an acquaintance who helped you with a favor. While alstroemeria is known for its message of friendship, it's also a symbol of determination and stands for achieving your dreams.