About us

The Frugal Flower began as a humble roadside stand selling fresh flowers in the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1988. Our major growth began when we developed a relationship importing fresh orchids from Bangkok later that year. The magnificent exotic orchids that highlight many of our arrangements bring a fresh, exotic flavor that always thrills our customers. We now import thousands of orchids every week along with fresh deliveries to ensure that the freshness and beauty of these flowers are preserved through delivery to your home.


The Owners

Two lifelong friends, Craig Wambolt and Mike Devlin founded The Frugal Flower, in 1988. Craig and Mike continue to be involved every day, with Craig overseeing all operations, and Mike keeping his watchful eye over all arrangements, ensuring that all of the flowers, plants and other offerings exceed our customers' expectations. They are supported by a staff of trained floral design artists, customer service representatives and delivery specialist with many lifetimes worth of experience between them. The Frugal Flower is a unique flower company. We have a passion for fresh flowers... and for making your occasions memorable.  For over 25 years, the owner-operators of Frugal Flower have been importing flowers daily – directly from partner farms around the world including South America, Europe, Africa and Asia – and delivering those farm-fresh flowers to florists all over the United States. And now, through Frugal Flower, we'll deliver them direct to you or your special someone... and guarantee your flowers will last.


Craig Wambolt


Craig has been creating customer-pleasing experiences in all phases of the floral industry for over 20 years. This includes floral consumer websites, importation, wholesale, and brick & mortar retail.


Michael Devlin


To Mike, it's all about the flowers. He has decades of experience and brings his expertise in floral import, strategic flower farm planning, and award winning design to Frugal Flower. Mike oversees all floral operations.


Allison Hassard AIFD

Wedding and Function Coordinator

Allison has worked alongside Craig and Mike for over 15 years. To anyone who has worked with her, she has become a friend and a trusted source for making each bride's day a day to remember. Her creativity is matched only by her charm and attention to detail. She is personally invested in every event that bears her good name and the name of The Frugal Flower!  


Denise Collette

Floral Designer

When it comes to floral design, Denise is to flowers what Picasso was to art. Her funeral pieces are truly a work of art that is just something wonderful to behold. Customers will often comment on how spectacular their arrangement is further concreting the fact that Denise is a Master at her craft.


Fatima Duarte

Floral Designer

Specializing in our courier department, Fatima is the Queen Speed. She makes sure every item sent out of our store in a box is perfect and ready to be marveled at. Fatima is also known to be one of the best white rice makers this side of the Mississippi.


Michael Maskery

Floral Designer

Being new but not the least, Michael is a great addition to the team. He brings a more modern and artistic eye to the work table. He is also a great asset to Allison with weddings. Brides love seeing his artistic touch at their weddings.


Stephanie Torchio

Customer Service Experience

A youthful ball of joyful expression, Stephanie is Frugal’s visual voice. Handling most of the social media content, her posts usually help you get to know us better. She also helps with customer service and photography.  


Marcos Duarte

Logistics Department Manager

Handling most of our local deliveries, Marcos has excelled in making sure that your order gets to you on time. He is able to maintain calm and organize his crew to ensure that they arrive at your house on time. He is ever dependable and a great asset to the team.


Lisa Bougoulas

Account Manager

A crucial part of the business, Lisa helps handle the business side of business. Like a ninja in the shadows, Lisa masterfully takes care of all the things most people don't want to deal with. Crunching numbers is just another day at the office for her.


Brian Dufresne

Spirit of Frugal

The glue that holds everything together, Brian is our most loved employee. He has been with the company for a long time and we wouldn't trade him for the world. Being born with Fragile X, Brian's cognitive functions are similar to that of a child. He brings much-needed joy and innocence to the work environment with his love for all things superhero. We love having his youthful spirit in our offices.